Nearby Beaches

John Smith's Bay

John Smiths Bay beach is located on south shore in Bermuda’s Smith’s Parish, between Pink Beach Club and Watch Hill Park, and close to Devil’s Hole Aquarium. This is a wide stretch of pale pink sand with crystal clear water. The beach is named after Captain John Smith, an explorer who first produced a map of Bermuda in 1631.
Since it’s a bit far from the typical tourist places, it remains quite secluded although quite popular with the locals. This is one of our very favorite snorkeling beaches and is great for families and children. You can see lots of marine life at nearby reefs. The closest reef is only about 200 yards from shore. This is often a site chosen by the locals for night diving.
You don’t need to worry about a long swim, as the snorkeling is excellent only a few yards off the shore. You can enter the water from anywhere you like. You can find the best of the colorful fishes in the rocky stretch to the west-end. Here you will see the reefs coming within a few feet of the surface and going down to the depths of some 25-foot. The surrounding reef line which is about 200 yards away, prevents boat traffic from entering John Smiths bay.

Shelly Bay Beach

Shelly Bay Beach is often rated as the number one beach for kids and families in Bermuda because of its extensive stretch of shallow waters. The beach is ideal for novice swimmers and children. Once you reach the beach entrance, you will need to walk up a few steps to see the sandy beach and the ocean water there is a shallow reef nearby which is a favorite children’s snorkel site.

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